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By October 14, 2015 May 12th, 2017 Art, Comic Books, Design

Aztlán is a story about a drug dealer who makes a pact with Santa Muerte to take revenge on those that murdered him and his family.

After John Cortés’ family is murdered by the same cartel he works for he vows to get revenge. Left for dead John meets Santa Muerta in limbo and agrees to help her reap souls in exchange for vengeance.

The comic book focuses on the cultural blending of Mesoamerica and Catholicism religions and explores the “Mestizo” or blended culture, folklore, mythology and spiritualism. The comic book will center around this world of “witchcraft” or “Mexican Voodoo” and Catholicism. The dialogue will be in “Spanglish” a mixture of English and Spanish. The story will mix both fact and fiction to create a believability.

This story takes place in 2012 just before Dec 21st – a significant day in the Mesoamerican calendar. The story will climax on the 21st and later issues/stories will take place in an alternate reality created from that date forward.


John Cortés – The descendent of the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, credited with the demise of the Aztec empire, and the padre who accompanied him.

Santa Muerta [Holy Death – real name Zaniyah (forever)] – A powerful witch doctor and last ruler of the Aztec empire – she is the personification of death and associated with healing protection and safe delivery into the afterlife.

Gabriel – The shape shifting Arch Angel from Catholicism charged with keeping supernatural evil in check.

Xochiquetzal  [Xochi for short] – is a teenage Asian/Mexican/American woman whose body is inhabited by the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. As his vessel she is granted superhuman strength and considers herself a superhero vigilante.

La Llorona, also sometimes referred to as “La Malinche”, is the Nahua woman who served as Hernán Cortés’ interpreter and mistress. La Malinche is matriarch to the Cortez lineage and marked as a traitor and cursed by her own people. La Malinche was manipulated by the Spanish conquistadors and Hernán who abandoned her for a Spanish wife. As an outcast her Aztec pride drove La Malinche to acts of vengeance against the Spanish. Her soul continues to walk the earth forbidden to enter the place of her ancestors.