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This is America

By | Uncategorized

Portrait of America aims to reflect on the unique history and diversity of our country through portraits of the people who live and work here. The competition selected 100 winning images…

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Tom Sawyer Trivia Game

By | Design

My daughter was given an assignment to create something based on Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. One of the many options was to create a game based…

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By | Design, Illustraition
In October of 2015, I was asked to be a part of HRC's San Antonio campaign Rally. Tasked with designing and installing banners for the event. Ultimately, through collaboration, we...
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Casa de Lemos

By | Design
A co-worker that likes to through some mean house parties asked for a favor and we ended up with these snap chat geo-filters.
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By | Font, Uncategorized

This font was developed for the new Muñoz and Company logo. It currently is incomplete and I hope to have it finished once I find the time to. It will have two…

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By | Art, Comic Books, Design
Aztlán is a story about a drug dealer who makes a pact with Santa Muerte to take revenge on those that murdered him and his family. After John Cortés’ family is...
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By | Design, Graveyard
Yet another design that never saw the light of day... I found out after I traced this from an image that the coyote does have a logo very similar to...
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By | Art
Milagros, 2015 / milagros and pencil on paper / 21" x 34" Created for the 2015 UTSA Art Auction to benefit the UTSA Art Department.  Milagros was drawn with mechanical pencils to create...
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