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Tom Sawyer Trivia Game

By | Design

My daughter was given an assignment to create something based on Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. One of the many options was to create a game based…

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By | Design, Illustraition
In October of 2015, I was asked to be a part of HRC's San Antonio campaign Rally. Tasked with designing and installing banners for the event. Ultimately, through collaboration, we...
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Casa de Lemos

By | Design
A co-worker that likes to through some mean house parties asked for a favor and we ended up with these snap chat geo-filters.
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By | Font, Uncategorized

This font was developed for the new Muñoz and Company logo. It currently is incomplete and I hope to have it finished once I find the time to. It will have two…

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By | Art, Comic Books, Design
Aztlán is a story about a drug dealer who makes a pact with Santa Muerte to take revenge on those that murdered him and his family. After John Cortés’ family is...
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By | Design, Graveyard
Yet another design that never saw the light of day... I found out after I traced this from an image that the coyote does have a logo very similar to...
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By | Art
Milagros, 2015 / milagros and pencil on paper / 21" x 34" Created for the 2015 UTSA Art Auction to benefit the UTSA Art Department.  Milagros was drawn with mechanical pencils to create...
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