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Border Art Project

By March 11, 2019 Art, Design, Graveyard

I really do care.

My co-workers and I were challenged to create an art installation in response to the separation and detainment of children who crossed illegally into the United States. read more at npr.org. The idea was to use the mylar emergency blankets that were given to the children as a medium to create a work of art that would be installed adjacent to some of the camps located along the border in peaceful protest and to bring attention to the issue.

I decided to use an image of my five year old son to attempt to relate to the issue personally. As a father, I can only imagine what the parents of the detained children are going through. Many of whom had made the long and difficult journey across Mexico in hopes of a better life for their family only to fall short and worse have their children taken away from them.

In addition to my role as project designer I acted as project manager and put together a budget and schedule, source materials, and staff the project for production and installation. Ultimately this project was abandoned due to time and budget constraints.