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By June 14, 2009 October 7th, 2015 Art, Comic Books

“Brute” is a modern spin on a classic tarzan themed comic book. The animal like hero relies on his unusual powers to take revenge on a gang on bandits that destroyed his village and captured his wife. The comic book follows the hero on his adventure to rescue his wife and discovery of the post modern world he is a part of.  The adventures continue as the main character discovers the secrets to his abilities and truth about the post apocalyptic planet he lives on. The reader is lead through the original setting of the jungle into a more urban post futuristic society that is in complete decay and then further into future utopias that are never as perfect as they seem.

The main character conceals a special eye he took from a tiger after the tiger damaged his own. The eye as well as the character are later revealed to have special abilities that spur the main character forward through the series in search of answers.

Some of the first Villians that are introduced are a pack of bandits that prey on the weak. This character is the muscle of the group and is dubbed “Bear”. Each villian in the group takes on the characteristics of an animal represented by the hide he wears.

pencil: Daniel Gutierrez / ink: Christopher Gutierrez.