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By June 27, 2007 June 9th, 2016 Art, Design

I’ve always been pretty good around power tools, and I love working with wood. I think when I’m older I will try my hand at being a sculptor. Currently, I lack the funds and the space to pursue the profession. The cart was made from mostly scrap wood, cut into bands then wrapped and glued over a wood frame made from spare plywood. The initial idea involved a steering wheel that had a rope wrapped around a large pulley and attached to ends of the axils but this idea was discarded when I learned that I had made the entire vehicle entirely to small for a normal size person and even then the pulley that was housed inside the body occupied to much space. The entire project took about 2 weeks of constant all-nighters at my office (literally in my office) or at my apartment. The process was very messy as each slat had to be glued in place and allowed to dry. I named the push-car “The Phantom” and took fastest overall car in the time trials that year as well as second place in the actual race. Its worth noting that the race was ran twice and after some major accidents in the first one the teams unanimously decided to have another. The second race was no better than the first and our cart was one of the first to wreck, we recovered and got lucky as the remaining cars piled up just before the finish and we were able to capture second.

The white push-car was from the year before where our team came in 1st in both the overall race and in the time trials. The video was shot and directed by Danny Guerrero.